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War Thunder: Ground Forces is now in Open Beta, so it's free for anybody to try! It's a much more realistic-feeling game than World Of Tanks (still a good game, but much more arcade-y)http://warthunder.com/
Ten years. Hundreds of games. Thousands of hours played. Regrets? Zero.
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A review of the city sim game "Banished" - Read it here!
It's been ten years in the making, but the third installment of Triumph Studios 4x series is finally here!

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Word Association
23478 Guybrush Threepwood 235132 By Shivan
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Today, 07:24 PM
Star Citizen
42 Shivan 814 By Hagii
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Today, 05:57 PM
The Witcher 3 announced
28 Spybreak_9 520 By Last Chance
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Today, 05:37 PM
Space. Spaaaaaace!
4 Folic_Acid 52 By NachoCuban
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Today, 03:25 PM
Various Amusements...in Gaming
442 Spybreak_9 6821 By Shivan
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Today, 12:09 PM
Various Amusements
8084 Fickleknee 243984 By Shivan
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Yesterday, 11:48 PM
Dragon*Con 2014
4 Zaxter 81 By TheBored
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Yesterday, 07:21 PM
No Man's Sky
15 Folic_Acid 225 By Folic_Acid
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Yesterday, 02:50 PM
I Got A Job!
15 Blackbird 115 By Doctor Destru...
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 16 2014 06:09 PM
R.I.P. Robin Williams. :(
5 Bossman 97 By Major Hazard
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 16 2014 02:18 PM
This Week in Science
75 Spybreak_9 1880 By doctordamage
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 16 2014 10:02 AM
Happy Birthday, Hagii!
12 Colonel Savage 52 By Fickleknee
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 15 2014 11:07 PM
Turtle Rock Studio (who developed the AI and mechanics of L4D) announces Evolve
6 Schmoe 190 By Schmoe
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Aug 12 2014 07:02 PM
Insurgency - Free Weekend
1 BrotherMaynard 63 By Wesleys
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Aug 12 2014 02:28 PM
Happy Birthday Major Hazard
11 TChinny 51 By tdwhite
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 12 2014 02:06 PM
0 Schmoe 26 By Schmoe
In:Hardware Haven
Aug 12 2014 07:13 AM
Happy Birthday donkeynutz
9 TChinny 59 By donkeynutz
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 09 2014 07:27 PM
Movies of 2014
31 Spybreak_9 568 By Shivan
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Aug 09 2014 07:21 PM
GofW's Minecraft server
140 Folic_Acid 3716 By NachoCuban
Aug 09 2014 03:03 PM
Planetary Annihilation
1 ashendra 55 By ashendra
In:Gaming in the Trenches
Aug 08 2014 09:55 AM

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