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Die, Xeno scum!
Scour the land of Mordor looking for Orcs to kill, evil to smite and a reason to justify the licensing deal for this game.
The game you spent the entirety of your allowance on is back! Just don't shoot the food.
War Thunder: Ground Forces is now in Open Beta, so it's free for anybody to try! It's a much more realistic-feeling game than World Of Tanks (still a good game, but much more arcade-y)http://warthunder.com/
Ten years. Hundreds of games. Thousands of hours played. Regrets? Zero.

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2 Fickleknee 46 By Sewer-Urchin
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Yesterday, 10:56 PM
Happy Birthday, Inkling!
2 Colonel Savage 25 By Bossman
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Yesterday, 10:29 PM
TF2 Halloween 2014
4 Captain 49 By Merlus
In:Team Fortress 2
Yesterday, 09:59 PM
Playing MOBAs
8 Captain 92 By Roxy
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Yesterday, 01:11 PM
Word Association
23623 Guybrush Threepwood 236481 By SirDenOfYork
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Yesterday, 04:47 AM
Various Amusements
8103 Fickleknee 245730 By Bossman
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 28 2014 10:40 PM
The Impossible Steam Challenge
22 Doctor Impossible 513 By Doctor Imposs...
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 28 2014 08:30 PM
What are you reading now
565 Wrecko 23268 By Folic_Acid
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 28 2014 05:11 PM
Mike Tyson = Mystery Solver?
6 Doctor Destruction 160 By Colonel Savage
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 28 2014 08:00 AM
Steam Arma III Free Weekend, on sale for $30 too!
5 tdwhite 52 By Shivan
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Oct 27 2014 12:27 PM
Civilization: Beyond Earth
34 Spybreak_9 497 By Shivan
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Oct 26 2014 07:56 PM
Age of Wonders III
4 Colonel Savage 103 By doctordamage
In:Gaming in the Trenches
Oct 23 2014 09:30 AM
Happy Birthday, Axe Murderer!
8 Colonel Savage 50 By tdwhite
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 21 2014 09:02 AM
Ghostbusters reboot to have all female cast
6 Bossman 148 By doctordamage
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 20 2014 11:17 AM
Witch Farm
2 SnakeVenom 59 By doctordamage
Oct 20 2014 11:00 AM
What song are you listening to right now?
3826 Guybrush Threepwood 68128 By Bossman
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 18 2014 03:54 PM
Anyone still playing War Thunder?
3 donkeynutz 133 By donkeynutz
In:War Thunder
Oct 16 2014 08:02 PM
Various Amusements...in Gaming
445 Spybreak_9 7139 By Doctor Destru...
In:Miscellaneous Gaming
Oct 16 2014 07:32 PM
Happy Birthday theborg!!!
15 tdwhite 83 By cryhavok
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 16 2014 07:39 AM
Happy Birthday, Max!
7 Colonel Savage 44 By Last Chance
In:Off-Topic Discussions
Oct 15 2014 07:38 PM

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